How to Use Podcasts on Android

beyondpost is a solid option for podcasting apps on android
Podcasts allow you to keep up with the latest news and commentary in any part of the world. If you plan to use an Android device in subscribing to podcasts, you can choose from various ways in doing this task. The quickest and most efficient method is by using apps such as BeyondPod,
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Using Podcast Alley in Your Business and Marketing Efforts

Podcast Alley Logo - Podcast Directory
Podcasts are becoming a new rage in marketing efforts. They are fun and easy to make, and are very interesting to viewers. They make an excellent marketing tool, with a minimum of effort. Following a few simple steps will enable you to get an excellent podcast. Podcasts are audio pres
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RSS Podcast Feeds can Improve Your Online Presence

Podcasting is taking over the world. Well, it is not literally taking over, but many people are turning to podcast for news, information and entertainment. Podcast can be enjoyed while folks are out and about or on the go. This is one of the many reasons why podcast have become so pop
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Awesome Podcasting Commentary

Dave Winer laid down some awesome (and very entertaining) wise words about podcasting and various commerical issues and considerations that while they have been worked out in some ways in the several years since written, still hold true and comment-worthy in 2012:   Dave’s
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